Referral Rewards Program

Tag...You're It Referral Rewards Program

If you are a patient in our practice then you know that we love what we do. Why not tell others about us and get something back in return?

olive garden gift card      dunkin donuts gift card

For every friend, family member, acquaintance or stranger that you send us, we will reward you with a $20 Olive Garden or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card as our thank you! All they have to do is come in for their New Patient Visit (exam, necessary X-rays and cleaning), drop your name casually and you will have a $20 Gift Card. As an added benefit, the new patient you referred will also get a $20 Gift Card!

Refer a family of four and get a $100 worth of gift cards! Unlimited rewards!

So, get on your computer and email everyone you know -- let them buy you lunch or coffee, while you help them find a great dentist! Call (203-743-2232) or email us and we will cheerfully send you some business cards to hand out to everyone you meet. Almost everyone has teeth!

*Can not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Gift card options subject to change.