Free Whitening

Dr. Tag's Free Tooth Whitening for Life

Only a dentist can get your teeth their absolute whitest. You can have PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH dentist supervised tooth whitening absolutely free! Most dentists charge $400 or more for this service.

Existing Patients: You may have FREE whitening for life! Just adhere to our recommended schedule for your previous four consecutive maintenance appointments. If there is gum disease or severe decay then you may need more treatment before your mouth is healthy enough for whitening. After your initial whitening, touch-up kits and new trays will be free as long as you have kept to our recommended maintenance schedule for your last four visits.

New Patients: Limited time only. Simply complete our new patient process at our normal fee (insurance usually will cover 100%). This includes exam, x-rays, and cleaning. You will then receive our take home Tres White pre-fabricated trays which includes 10 whitening treatments!

By staying ON TIME you'll have a Great Smile and a Healthy one too!